Jeff Beadle and Subrosa – The perfect team

Monday evening in Dortmund. The weather is increasing its friendly side and then invited to a visit to the port pub Subrosa. 
Jeff Beadle is back and his supporters and the curious have followed him. But this time he did not come alone, but also had his band, all of which he still knows from school in Canada.

The singer-songwriter is not so quiet, but in the meantime prescribe more indie-rock. This could also experience on stage. Apart from purely acoustic pieces only with guitar, there were also songs from his latest EP "Gone Before Sunrise". Especially the newer stuff seemed more rock and animated to move.

At mood was not lacking in any event, be it danceable or dreamy, Jeff Beadle enchanted that night all and moved everyone with his lyrics and his music in the spell. Be it the entry of the evening with "Lost Living" or the current single "Susie".

Good musicians draw up without much Geschnörkel their fans and those interested in, so it was that evening. The Subrosa filled and in all its coziness to the last corner of the first row to the very back, there was a harmony and joy in the events on stage.

After just an hour Jeff Beadle adopted along with his band off the stage, leaving a happy audience back. Jeff Beadle and Subrosa in Dortmund, a year-long bond that harmonize great. As one may only hope for an encore in the next few months!

It was surprising to me that he did is a headliner show on the day, as it currently excited over Germany as support for Justin Nozuka.

A sympahtischer Canadian who, love of music to his fans and seemingly for the Subrosa has remained in my memory with good friends.