Butterfly Collectors – Jeff Beadle

Jeff Beadle, a Canadian folk singer-songwriter, was born into a music adoring family that encouraged his love for song writing. He started writing at 12 years old to immediate local recognition. He and a few school friends started playing local fairs, arcades and house parties – all with original song-writing. When in High School, he created multiple bands and attended all possible music classes while continuing to play live shows whenever he could.

Jeff now works alone every day, battling Toronto traffic all the while writing what has become The Huntings End. Over the last four years he has been cleaning and servicing the swimming pools of the elite in the downtown core. The daily solitude provoked the fears, tragedies and heartbreaks of his past. These strong reminiscences weighed heavy on his lonely days, begging for a release.

Jeff would arrange these feeling into rough songs on his cell phone, using voice memos and notes. Covered in grease and with chlorine stained clothes, he’d rush home to unpack the ideas, hashing out the fundamentals into melodies and complete lyrics. There is always rushed excitement to his creation, as is heard in the heartfelt tracks on The Huntings End.

His house is the local hub for all his friends. He makes late night dinners for everyone (Chef Jeff) that eventually turn into a wine infused testing ground for young songs. Based on this close to home feedback, Jeff would then fine tune his tracks at many local venues in Toronto. He plays constantly, at home, a-capella in the car, live shows at bars and backyards all for the love of playing and to fine tune his songs.

After running his songs through the local gauntlet of live venues, Jeff partnered up with his close friend Frank Gairdner to plan a raw and pure recording session. They chose Frank’s parent’s place, a quiet and remote farm house with 20 ft wood beam ceilings located on the rolling country hills of Southern Ontario. The evocative lyrics and catchy melodies reverberated wonderfully.

Jeff has a lot of experience that he draws from. The bands that he has headed cover many genres, have toured Canada multiple times as well as through China. He developed a love for the road while touring every nook and cranny of Canada. The unique towns and people that he met all had their own appreciation and love for music, and all of them had their own stories for having it.

For Jeff, this is one of the most important parts of writing music. Along with telling his own story, he needs to tell others’ as well. His intense empathy for people’s situations and losses motivate a lot of his music. The road was his library, gathering stories and experiences and translating them to music.

Jeff Beadle and Subrosa – The perfect team

Monday evening in Dortmund. The weather is increasing its friendly side and then invited to a visit to the port pub Subrosa. 
Jeff Beadle is back and his supporters and the curious have followed him. But this time he did not come alone, but also had his band, all of which he still knows from school in Canada.

The singer-songwriter is not so quiet, but in the meantime prescribe more indie-rock. This could also experience on stage. Apart from purely acoustic pieces only with guitar, there were also songs from his latest EP "Gone Before Sunrise". Especially the newer stuff seemed more rock and animated to move.

At mood was not lacking in any event, be it danceable or dreamy, Jeff Beadle enchanted that night all and moved everyone with his lyrics and his music in the spell. Be it the entry of the evening with "Lost Living" or the current single "Susie".

Good musicians draw up without much Geschnörkel their fans and those interested in, so it was that evening. The Subrosa filled and in all its coziness to the last corner of the first row to the very back, there was a harmony and joy in the events on stage.

After just an hour Jeff Beadle adopted along with his band off the stage, leaving a happy audience back. Jeff Beadle and Subrosa in Dortmund, a year-long bond that harmonize great. As one may only hope for an encore in the next few months!

It was surprising to me that he did is a headliner show on the day, as it currently excited over Germany as support for Justin Nozuka.

A sympahtischer Canadian who, love of music to his fans and seemingly for the Subrosa has remained in my memory with good friends.

Why Toronto Needs to Listen to Singer – Songwriter Jeff BEADLE

The abundance of talent Toronto has amazes me. One thing we lack though is the support for all these incredible musicians. Many times talent from our neck of the woods have to leave the city, even the country, to pursue their dreams and passions. Why is that? Why do we allow our amazingly talented Torontonians share their talent and skills elsewhere? I’m still trying to figure out the answer to that question.

In comes Jeff Beadle a folk singer-songwriter from Toronto. All his music needs is an acoustic guitar, Beadle’s modern day Neil Young, Bob Dylan inspired vocals with a little bit of harmonica for that extra touch of classic folk. His music is summed up by just a man with his guitar pouring out his soul to an audience. Beadle has ventured off to Europe to pursue his dream of becoming a singer-songwriter because Toronto has been a tough market to break into. Now he’s on tour in Europe, where he plays sold out shows in smaller venues and has received great responses from the European audience.

After playing twenty-five shows (around Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland) in twenty-three nights, Beadle and I talked about his music, his growing success in Europe and what’s next for the up-and-coming folk singer-songwriter.

Tell me a little about how you got into music and how learning to play guitar has been a crucial element to your songwriting.

I’ve been playing in all sorts of bands for years as a lead singer. Eventually, I wanted to start playing guitar in the bands too. I also started picking up the guitar just to write. I like to write music so guitar has been the best avenue for me to write on. So I started playing guitar and all of my bands broke up and I decided, well some friends pushed me, to record some of my songs acoustically and that’s how I became a singer-songwriter …


‘Where Did We Get Lost’ (NBHAP – Album Stream)

Last week, we exclusively premiered the music video of How Calmly, the first single taken off Jeff Beadle‘s forthcoming album “Where Did We Get Lost”. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is thrilled to present you the entire album for you to stream in its whole beauty.

The new release holds 9 songs of honest emotionality and intense magnitude, with the Canadian folk singer-songwriter’s haunting voice being the pivotal element of every song. Beadle’s humble and profound songwriting is going to captivate you from the very first listen on, promised! Every single track tells its very own story, be it a desperate call for love as in The One, a pondering canto as in the beautiful Where Did We Get Lost, or vivid sceneries created by 1st Of July.

If it’s joyful entertainment that you’re looking for, then Jeff Beadle‘s soulful music won’t give you satisfaction. A strong empathy for people’s situations and losses being the motivation for his songwriting, however, Where Did We Get Lost, can be described as a release of fears, tragedies and heartbreaks translated into tender melodies and powerful lyrics. Accompanying the new release (out on February 6 via Butterfly Collectors), Jeff Beadle will be extensively touring Europe, supporting the US band SPAIN on half a dozen occasions. Find the dates below.

‘How Calmly’ [NBHAP – (Video Premiere)

Two albums within six months? No problem for a natural talent like Jeff Beadle, right? The crafted Canadian songwriters is about to release his second studio album “Where Did We Get Lost” on February the 6th via Butterfly Collectors, following last summer’s The Huntings End. Over the past months the bearded gentleman toured throughout Europe and gathered a little following which he hopes to increase with the follow-up record.

Honest melodies, tender moments of pure emotion – Jeff Beadle isn’t a fan of complex musical adventures, but that doesn’t make his music less enjoyable. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the exclusive music video premiere of How Calmly which documents the musician’s exciting touring life of the past months…

‘The Huntings End’ (NBHAP – Album Review)

“The Huntings End”  is the debut album of the Canadian singer songwriter Jeff Beadle. Growing up in a family that loves music and rhythms, it is no wonder that this album was on its way. The guitar is his companion along the road that is life and the lyrics are a reflection of his surroundings. A very recognizable and human album.

With his charming voice Beadle brings eight emotional songs that seem to be coming straight from his heart. On his Twitter account he states about himself: ‘I am Jeff Beadle. Musician and friend.’ True words. We feel as if we are sitting on his couch and he is singing and playing his music to us. As if we are his friends. No barriers and no shame to share deep and hidden struggles.

In Silver Zippo Lighter Jeff Beadle goes back to his roots and tells us about a very human feeling: not belonging. Did you run is a flashback to a youth that once was his. We wonder what might have happened to the girl he wanted to be kissed.

We get very personal insights into married life with Cautious Lovers. Dramatically the musician remembers the painful memories that go along if you let your guards down.

In Devil’s Arms, a harmonica accompanies and it almost sounds like a friend that is comforting him. Heartbreak Hood and Street Lamps are melodic ballads that are very tuneful. We feel as if we are a part of the stories Jeff Beadle tells.

Musically this album is not the strongest but it works for the concept the songwriter was aiming for: well-set tones and lovely melodies that go along with very insightful and charged lyrics.

With The Huntings End, Jeff Beadle managed to describe a lot of emotions. Lyrical and easy, a good combination that always works for the debut of a singer songwriter. At moments one might think the artist’s voice is a bit whiny but in the end it’s all fine. He’s just a sentimental singer that wants to share insights of life as we know it. We’re looking forward to more.